Our Projects

Our EU Projects

The PA EU’s projects run from Luxembourg and drive industry change to shape the future of the EU payments landscape for all stakeholders.

The research goes beyond the pan-European well-known trends of increased digitalisation and decreased cash usage

Financial Crime in the EU - a focus on the Know Your Transaction (KYT) domain
Description: reconcile the most recent practices adopted by the payment operators to fight financial crime (tools, software, procedures) with the spirit of the Regulation (EBA guidelines)
Context: the EBA guidelines have been written at a period prior to the most recent developments (AI, ML, use of Open Data, proprietary solutions) of the industry. The payment players and the local regulatory authorities therefore spend useless time and efforts to ensure the modern methods are not only compliant with the spirit of the regulation but also operationally effective.
Deliverable: Description of the Best recent practices in fighting crime and drawing of a framework to reconcile them with the regulatory requirements.
Objective: Support Payments Operators in their dialogue with the regulator and in choosing the best approach for the future.
The "Regulator" Working Group
Our objective in setting up this working group is to guarantee a "safe space" for our members' compliance officers who wish to discuss regulatory hot topics once a month under the "Chatham house" rule.
The group regularly invites "special guests" such a key officials from the European Commission, local regulators or prominent actors of our industry.
Among the topics discussed recently: the EU Digital financial strategy, MiCAR, Schrems II, EPI...

Our UK Projects

The EPA’s five projects run from London and bring together more than 80 high level volunteers from across the payments industry.

Helps the payments industry support EMIs, PIs, digital banks, and merchants to open and keep open bank accounts for safeguarding funds and everyday trading, and to secure widely accepted understanding of the scale and nature of de-risking and its impact on financial services and businesses.
Drives industry activity to address financial exclusion, informs and collaborates with government and third sector bodies to provide clarity on PayTech innovations and solutions that reduce financial exclusion and the poverty premium, and encourages the payments industry to develop financially inclusive products
Delivers community-driven solutions to address the problems posed by digital and financial criminal activity, and positions the PA and its members as leaders in tackling financial crime.
Encourages trade between PA members and organisations that use payments outside the UK, stimulates the adoption of new payments products and services in emerging markets, and provides access to market intelligence and guidance
Engages regulatory bodies to promote and champion the concerns of PA members in current and future regulation, and drives change through the development of a fairer regulatory landscape for payments companies