Alternative payment methods - where will we stand in 10 years?

The world of payments is constantly evolving, offering consumers more choice and convenience. We have seen the rise of context-based payments, biometric authentication, wearables and mobile apps. In 2020, Amazon unveiled Amazon One, a contactless way for people to use their palm to pay. Walletmor, the world’s only manufacturer of payment implants, is already pushing the boundaries of payment technology. “The British-Polish start-up has sold its thousandth implement payment device that can be implanted just under the surface of the skin.” Join this webinar to hear experts from across the financial ecosystem discuss:
  • How will future payments tech transform financial services?
  • Where do alternative payment methods fit into the future of digital payments?
  • Will we see You-as-a Payment (Yaap) become more mainstream (i.e. facial verification, microchip implants)
  • How is this technology being used now to transact?
  • What are the advantages over current payment instruments?
  • What are the challenges of merging digital and physical identity?
  • What regulatory frameworks are needed to prevent data misuse and abuse?
  • What are the ethical and societal concerns?
  • Laura McCraken, Managing Director, eCommerce & Payments, Accenture
  • Steven Northam, Founder, Bioteq
  • André Moeller, Head of Payments, Elli- A Brand of the Volkswagen Group
  • Wojciech Paprota, Founder, Walletmor
  • Markos Zachariadis, Professor of Information Systems, University of Manchester