Key Players in the EU Payments Landscape 2023

The 2023 “Key Players in the EU Payments Landscape” report by The Payments Association EU (PA EU), written in collaboration with Deloitte and The Paypers offers an exclusive strategic review across EU’s individual payments markets, ranking the key players according to their place in the value chain and financial indicators.

In the first part, Deloitte presents the changing landscape of the payments industry, and gives their view on the state of the payments ecosystem. In the second part, we take a closer look at the players and characteristics of the EU payments landscape. This analysis is carried out at three different levels: global, regional and local with a comprehensive observation of operators and country-specific results.

The report is complemented by a financial perspective thanks to the exclusive use of the Orbis database (by Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics Company) and convenient LinkedIn hyperlinks to easily reach all listed companies.

Some findings of the research include:

  • PSD2 should have been a driver for innovation in payments, yet we are seeing a disparity in terms of players It seems that the fragmentation of technical standards and the reluctance of banks to adopt the account-to-account payment infrastructure may largely explain why PSD2 has not driven greater growth in Europe as a whole.
  • With the financial crisis of 2008, Brexit, COVID-19, and the war in Ukraine, Europe has experienced many disruptions that have prevented regulatory harmonization, but this has not averted a continued move towards a cashless society.